Christmas at the Brome Swan, Suffolk - 20th December 1997

Christmas rolls around again, and Nosher's up the pub for a bit a of a pre-Christmas bash.

next album: A Trip to Pitlochry, Scotland - 24th March 1998
previous album: A CISU Night at Los Mexicanos Restaurant, Ipswich - 15th December 1997

Ian C, Peter and Jon 'Ninja' M

Nosher, Tony 'T-Shirt' Guy and DH

Spammy and Roger

Graham and Roger, with Ian C in the background

John Willy gets his legs out

Wavy and Spammy

DH and his mum

John Willy gets a squeeze from Spammy

John Willy gives Sylvia a squeeze

Tony and John

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Ian C, Peter and Jon 'Ninja' M