A CISU Night at Los Mexicanos Restaurant, Ipswich - 15th December 1997

The Suffolk County Council I.T Department (CISU) is out in force for a pre-Christmas night out at Los Mexicanos on St. Helen's Street in Ipswich

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Stuart, Sarah, Lisa and Tim in the Social Club

Tim, Natalie, Russell and Carl in the SCC social club bar

Jon, Stuart and Sarah

Russel looks on

Orhan gives a thumbs up, as Natalie has a laff

Tim and Trev

Tim's on the Margheritas

Trev and Nosher

Raj, Russel and Dougie

A crowded room

Carl leans over for something

Carl, Phil, Raj and Russell

Jon Segger and Nosher, in sombreros

The SCC Mexican group

The gang outside the restaurant

Nosher and the SCC crowd

Trev goes for a 'swim' outside Clowns Restaurant in Ipswich

Trev and Orhan share a moment

The SCC gang roam the streets of Ipswich

Orhan leaps over a pillar box, as Andrew looks on

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Stuart, Sarah, Lisa and Tim in the Social Club