CISU, Mexican Food and the Inflatable Woman, Ipswich, Suffolk - 20th August 1997

It's yet another trip out to a Mexican for Suffolk County Council's IT department, CISU. This time, it looks like it might be Trev's birthday, as he seems to be the one getting particularly wrecked. At some point, an inflatable woman appears, who is paraded around Ipswich and ends up in Trev's bed.

next album: A CISU Night at Los Mexicanos Restaurant, Ipswich - 15th December 1997
previous album: Sis Graduates from De Montfort, Leicestershire - 9th August 1997

Inflatable doll action in the Mexican

Trev, the doll and Orhan get friendly

Trev sports a wig

Orhan does a speech

Orhan looks up

Trev drinks a shot of Tequila - with the worm

Trev looks like he's trying to pick the worm out of his mouth

Trev slams more Tequila

The inflatable woman leads the way

Trev and the plastic fantastic outside 'Arnie's Sarnies' in Ipswich

The inflatable doll is paraded past Clowns restaurant

Orhan, Tim and Paul Robinson, with Russell bringing up the rear

Trev looks mashed

Once again, Trev looks like he's gagging

The French dude from Suffolk College plays 'Cardinal's Hat' again

Trev and the doll end up in a low bush

Trev flakes out

Trev and an inflatable doll

A bit of plastic action occurs on a sleeping Trevor

Tim checks his camera, just to make sure

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Inflatable doll action in the Mexican