A Welly Boot of Beer, DH's Barbeque At The Swan and SCC Go Go-Karting, Suffolk and Cambridge - July 1997

There's a "boot of ale" drinking contest up at The Swan, at which Pippa shames all the boys by winning conclusively; there's a Suffolk County Council IT trip to go Go Karting at Caxton Gibbet near Papworth in Cambridgeshire - Paul Robinson manages to miss the call-in sign for about 100 extra laps and so gets quite a good go of it; it's Claire's wedding, so there's a bit of a do at the Park Hotel in Diss; DH has his summer barbeque up at the Swan, on a nice summer's evening. It's notable mostly for Pauline's idea to do the "how to stick a glass to a bare chest by setting fire to brandy in it" thing. The glass is filled and lit, ice is applied to the chest and the two brought together. The flames go out and in consuming the oxygen, cause a partial vacuum sucking the glass to the skin. Trouble was, when it was Nosher's turn, it was hard to tell that the brandy had been alight for a while, and so the glass was hot enough to burn a circle on Nosher's chest. The perfectly-round scar survived for about a year...

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DH sups from the Welly Boot of Beer

Roger has a go of the boot as Tony Guy eggs him on

Pippa and Roger hold up the league table

Jon Segger sits on the fence and surveys the track

In the pits

Raj spins about

Go Karts razz around the circuit

Foxy, Paul, Jon Segger, Raj and others hang out

Apple and Spammy dance about in the Park Hotel

Jimmy, Lorraine and Ricey

Roger is scooped up out of his chair

Something is done to Apple

The burning glass is applied to Nosher's chest

DH has a go with the hot glass

Apple is picked up and hauled around

John Willy applies a 4-pint jar of beer to Apple's head

John Willy helps Apple to drink some beer

John Willy digs up a very long weed from somewhere

Pauline and Helen

Nosher, post 'Brandy-gate'

Apple and John Willy

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DH sups from the Welly Boot of Beer