A Couple of Ipswich Parties, Ipswich, Suffolk - May 1997

A couple of parties of uncertain dates: firstly, Andrew throws a bash around his house, probably around May 1997 (the Chemical Brothers' "Block Rockin' Beats" was part of the soundtrack, having been released recently in March 1997). Secondly, not far from the SCC offices on Rope Walk, some of Jon Segger's mates throw a 1970s-themed fancy-dress barbeque.

next album: CISU at the Suffolk College May Ball, Ipswich, Suffolk - 11th May 1997
previous album: CISU: A Chinese Restaurant and SCC Sports Day, Ipswich and Norwich - 1st May 1997

Stuart, Neil and the rest hang out in Andrew's garden

Raj stands in the doorway

Joe passes Dougie on his way through the kitchen, looking like he's on a mission

The guys from ops mess about

Andrew and Paul throw some 'funky' shapes

Paul and Phil check out the CD collection

Andrew swigs beer as Carl (sitting in the door) talks about white trash

Paul gets his head shaved for a laff

A flaming barbqeue

Beer-fueled Twister takes place by the garage

Jon (right) in some 70s ensemble

Foxy slurps the meat off a chicken leg

Elen and Foxy

More meat-burning

Elen looks over suspiciously

Elen gives it some

Andrew and Paul

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Stuart, Neil and the rest hang out in Andrew's garden