Uni: A CISU Trip To Plymouth, Devon - 28th March 1997

Both Nosher and Russell were alumni of Plymouth Polytechnic/University, and succeed in pestering Andrew - a fellow colleague from Suffolk County Council's IT department - to take us down for a mini reunion (of two). We stay in a small B&B and do the usual exploration of the Barbican, Mount Edgcumbe and the poly/uni campus. At this point, the campus was little-changed from Nosher's time (1985-1989) apart from a re-cladding of the GTB (and a re-naming of the same to "Babbage"). However, the biggest shock was reserved for the discovery of the former PPSU bar (where Nosher worked for a couple of years) which had been completely demolished and turned in to what looked like a KFC. To recover from this tragic experience, we head over to the legendary and just off-campus pub, the James Street Vaults.

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The sails of Sainsbury's, out on Marsh Mills roundabout

Russell looks out over the Sound

Crowds on Armada Way

A fire-eater does his thing on Armada Way

Andrew steams off towards the Virgin Megastore

Andrew, Russell and Vicky hang out on a bench

The Barbican: Sutton Harbour and the old Fish Market

More of the Barbican

Cap'n Jaspers burger bar on the Barbican

Vicky and Andrew, down on the Barbican

Vicky looks at fishing boats

The diving platforms, down near Tinside pool

A helicopter flies out over the Sound

Tinside pool and Smeaton's Tower

The entrance to Sutton Harbour with the new Marine Centre

Smeaton's Tower

Andrew and Vicky hang out

The Belvedere, built in 1891, on Plymouth Hoe

Daffodils on the Hoe

Andrew and Russell queue up for ice creams

Russell and Andrew do ice creams, as Vicky looks on

Looking towards the Yacht Club

Looking at Smeaton's Tower from West Hoe

Inside the UPSU/PPSU bar

The old SU bar has been turned into a spoof KFC outlet

Fast-food Bar

Russell and Andrew outside the James Street Vaults (JSV)

The James Street Vaults

The Maritime Block (back) and the Maritime Lecture Theatre (right). The temporary classrooms (left) are still there since the 1980s

The former 'General Teaching Block' (GTB), now 'Babbage'

The Engineering Block (right), Science Block (back) and Marine Engineering (?) left

Russell, Vicky and Andrew on the hill outside the GTB

Plymouth Poly: GTB, Science and Engineering blocks

Sunset and the GTB

On Burrator, Dartmoor

Dartmoor ponies on Burrator

Russell waits for the Cremyll ferry

Like pebbles on the beach, kicked around, displaced by feet

More lounging around

Andrew catches some rays

Andrew and Russell sit on the stony beach in Stonehouse, as we wait for the ferry

Plymouth from over the river in Cremyll

Andrew, Russel and Vicky drink HSD and cider at the Edgecumbe Arms

A folly on Mount Edgecumbe, overlooking the River Tamar with Plymouth behind

The daffodils of Edgecumbe

Vicky, Russell and Andrew mess around in the gardens of Edgecumbe House

Andrew, Russell and Vicky outside the Orangery at Edgecumbe

Russell, Andrew and Vicky

Russell and Vicky sit on a bench

Back in Suffolk, an off-roader tips over

An off-roader gets stuck

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The sails of Sainsbury's, out on Marsh Mills roundabout