A Christmas Party at the Swan, Brome, Suffolk - 24th December 1996

It's time for a Christmas Eve thrash up at the Brome Swan

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Previously (in October), there's a conker session

Outside Nosher's pad, it's snowing

Nosher's Christmas lounge

Sylvia comes in from the cold

Lorraine gets a hug

Tony 'T-Shirt' Guy and John Willy

Nosher, T-Shirt and DH

A crowd scene

Graham and John Willy do something that shocks Ninja M (left)

Graham, Ian C and Roger

Wavy and Spammy

Ian C, Peter Allen and Ninja M

Alan, Spammy and John (with his leg out)

John Willy's got extra hands

Spam and Roger

Roger and some friends

John Willy, Spam and Alan do some sort of conga around the pub

Spammy dances

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Previously (in October), there's a conker session