Christmas in Macclesfield and New Year at the Swan, Cheshire and Brome - 31st December 1995

Nosher's over in MAcclesfield with Sis, The Old Chap, Cousin Steve from New Zealand, Katie (the Old Chap's on/off partner) and half-sister Mel. Then, it's the driove back to Suffolk and a traditional New Year's Eve knees-up at the Swan Inn, Brome

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Cat A: Sophie

Steve, Mel, The Old Chap, Katie and Sis around the Christmas dinner table

Cousin Steve looks up

Sis looks surprised

Brandy gets a Christmas pressie

A present-unwrapping session, as the queen does her thing on TV

Alan looks over from behind the bar

Roger Chapman pulls a bit of a face

Roger, John Willy and Sally

Spammy shows off the wallpaper she's just managed to tear off the wall

Bill and Lorraine

Mikey holds up a bottle of Pils as John Willy and Ricey get up to no good

Geordie, John and Arline

Arline and Nosher

John Willy attemps to get Pippa's boobs out

Mikey gets some sort of bumps

Wavy gets a bottle stuffed down his pants


Alan and Sylvia

Jackie and Andy

One of the lads is carried around as Spammy attempts to repair the decorations

Mikey, Andy, Jackie, Ally and Jimmy

John and Arline

Spammy, John Willy and Davina

John Willy gets a nipple out

Bill, Paul, Wavy and 'ninja' Jon

Roger holds a beer up as Pippa ducks for cover

More behind the bar

Barry, Spammy, John Willy and Davina

John Willy inspects his party popper

There's a big cheer at midnight

Party scene from behind the bar

Party-popper aftermath

Roger and Pippa

John Willy picks a paper disc out of his beer

Nanna waves around some streamers

Spammy with a garland of party-popper streamers

There's a big pile of rabbits on the floor

Ally and Jackie sit on top of a pile of lads

Just about everyone seems to be on the floor

A child-like painting of The Swan, circa 1838

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Cat A: Sophie