A Night In The Swan and New kittens, Brome - 1st November 1994

There's a night up at the Swan Inn in Brome - it looks like a birthday, on account of the balloons. Also, Nosher's new kittens (from the pub) - Sophie and The Sock - make themselves at home. Nosher had only lived in the house for a month or two, and it's already snowing. There's no heating (apart from a small fire in the kitchen that is hot for about 4 hours a day), and there's no insulation in the walls, so it's a little chilly.

next album: Christmas Down South, Burton and Walkford, Dorset - 25th December 1994
previous album: Bedroom Demolition and Off Roading, Suffolk - 10th October 1994

Spammy picks up an empty Coke bottle as Tony Guy looks puzzled

Alan and Spammy

Alan has a half of beer

Alan and Spammy

Gloria and Benny

Roger and Pippa

Lorraine holds up a ceramic swan

Sylvia pulls a pint of Scrumpy Jack

Spam tops up a pint of beer

Nana, John Willy and Sylvia

Alan and the darts club massive

Sylvia and Spammy

The Sock in her new crisp-box house

Sophie looks in the washing machine

It's been snowing

The Sock and Sophie play around a camera bag

Sophie looks in to a camera bag

The Sock and Sophie, asleep on the kitchen table

The house in snow

The back garden is a bit of a wilderness

Round the back of the house


Spammy picks up an empty Coke bottle as Tony Guy looks puzzled