A Clays Trip to Calais, and Sorting Out The Garden, France and Suffolk - 30th April 1994

The Clays Ltd IT department - Nosher, Nick, Jo and Tone - get the ferry over to Calais on one of those cheap The Sun or The Mirror or somesuch newspaper offers. Meanwhile, back at Nosher's new house, the Old Man is over to help sort out the garden a bit. We end up hiring a specialist grass-cutting machine to try and recover the lawn.

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Calais' main square

A band play in the main square

A monument, up on a roundabout near where the road to the ferry comes in

Calais' town hall, which can be seen for miles

Calais town hall

Tone, Nick Booth, Neil and Jo Jennet on the ferry from Calais

Nosher does a bit of building reconstruction

Nosher builds in the gloom

The Sock escapes from a box

A half-arsed attemp at a driveway fizzles out

Nosher's Old Man sets fire to stuff

A newly-mowed bit of garden

Part of the back garden

The front of the house now looks vaguely tidy

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Calais' main square