The Kittens get Let Out, Brome, Suffolk - 20th April 1994

The kittens get let out for the first time, so it's all about climbing up trees and roaming around sniffing stuff

next album: A Clays Trip to Calais, and Sorting Out The Garden, France and Suffolk - 30th April 1994
previous album: London and Plymouth - August 1993

The kittens perch on top of an upturned sofa

The old bread oven

Another view of the bread oven

The oven is removed slowly

The oven has gone

The lounge takes shape

Hamish and his girlfriend by the Mere

Hamish and his girlfriend

Sophie and The Sock on top of another upturned sofa

Soph tries to eat the curtain

Sophie fall off

Sophie the kitten

The Sock clings on to the windowsill

The kittens look out of the window

There's a bit of kitten boxing going on

The two kittens have a bit of rough-and-tumble by the litter tray

More wrestling

Sophie meows

The demolishion of the upstairs small bedroom commences

Bedroom destruction

The bedroom wall has been plasterboarded on the other side

Sophie in the kitchen

Sophie hangs over the back of a kitchen chair

The bathroom

Sophie looks around, worried

The cats look out

On the doorstep for the first time

The Sock gives something a sniff

Sophie's up a tree as The Sock leaps off a windowsill

Sophie surveys the world

Sophie and The Sock up next-door-but-one's apple tree

Sophie in a tree

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The kittens perch on top of an upturned sofa