A Geoff and Brenda Barbeque, Stuston, Suffolk - 22nd May 1993

It's time for another of Geoff and Brenda's barbeque events, complete with non-stop cider

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previous album: May Miscellany: Clays at Calais, Plymouth and A Night in the Swan - May 1993

Monique's new sprog

Monique and Keith with their sprog

Bernie, Jean and 'Mad' Sue

The barbeque arena

Brenda takes a photo

Jean chats to Sue

Geoff pokes the massive barbeque pit

Brenda turns some sausages: it's a meat-fest alright

DJ David Hoffman in shades

Linda and David

Bernie and Jean

Linda in a peculiar tee-shirt

Mad Sue grins

Brenda pops Bernie's cork

Corky helps 'clean' the barbeque by setting fire to a heap of pallets

Dave and Riki do breakfast

Riki, Dave and Kate in her Mutton Cove flat

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Monique's new sprog