Stuston Cider Making (B&W) - 1992

Nosher's landlords at Stuston, Geoff and Brenda Castell, used to make home-made scrumpy every year. It was something of an annual ritual and provided enough cider to last for the following year or more. The press was an old rag press that Geoff picked up in an auction somewehere, which he modified by adding a wheel which Winnie the little grey Fergie tractor could drive. Three tons of apples would be roughly chopped, and then tipped into framed hessian cloths until each frame was full. This constituted a "cheese". A lattice wood sheet was then placed above that and another cheese constructed above it. Once the press was full, the tractor would drive down the press's screw, squeezing juice out through the cheeses (which were wrapped by this point to trap any escape) which would be collected, loosely filtered and pumped into old sherry barrels to ferment, with nothing else added except for a couple of campden tablets to help clearing.

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Keith and Monique's sprog sits on 'Winnie', the TE120 tractor

Patting down chopped apples in a frame

Tipping out a pressed cheese

Fun in a wheelbarrow

Winnie drives the press

Sue Ogilsby and Geoff wrap up a completed cheese, whilst David Cork films the action

Linda Cork watches apples being chopped whilst contemplating hurling a few more bramleys to their doom

Monique loads up a bucket of apples

David Cork cleans out the apple chopper

Nosher's Vehicle 1.0

Linda pipes in fresh apple juice into a barrel

A completed stack of cheeses ready for pressing

The wrapped cheeses being pressed

Geoff straps Winnie on to the pump

John Chapman vigorously tamps down some apples

Sue 'Badger' Ogilsby

Lobbing apples in

Geoff acts as a handy coffee table for Mike Ogilsby's cuppa

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Keith and Monique's sprog sits on 'Winnie', the TE120 tractor