A Road-Trip Around Wales With Hamish, Wales - 3rd April 1992

Nosher and Hamish take Nosher's legendary Mk.1 Astra from High Wycombe to the wilds of Wales, for no particular reason other than it's something interesting to do. On the way, we stop off at Ironbridge to see the birthplace of the industrial revolution, and then head off to a youth hostel at Capel Curig for the night. The next day, we roam through Snowdonia, across to Anglesey (to South Stack, site of a school trip at the age of about 14) and back to travel down through the spine of Wales. However, there's an emergency at Machynlleth, where the headlight's full-beam switch sticks in the 'on' position, requiring a call-out from the AA. This makes us late for the next youth hostel, so we end up sleeping in the car for the night. Well, at least we get to experience the joys of cleaning our teeth in the morning in a public toilet near Abergavenny. There's also a bit of a do around Geoff and Brenda's, after few days after getting back.

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A dude shows us a typsetting frame

The print dude preps some printing

The museum's printing room

Some kind of iron foundry

A very smoky ironworks

Industrial Revolution action

Making cast iron

A girl in an nineteenth-century apothecary

Hamish in an old butcher's shop

A dark machine room

A lovely hand-made boat

The world's first-ever Iron Bridge

A mountain fence

A mountain pass through Snowdonia

A derelict tower, in front of some sort of open-cast mining

Hamish takes a photo

Nosher with a flat cap

Nosher in the mountains

Hamish sips some water and surveys the view

Hamish and the mountains

A view of Snowdonia

Hamish strolls through the grounds of Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Castle

A view of Caernarfon

Looking out over the sea from Caernarfon

South Stack and the lighthouse

A sheer drop at South Stack on Anglessey

South Stack Lighthouse

David Cork and Sue 'Badger' Ogilsby

Geoff pours the drinks

Some dude and 'Mad' Sue

David, Sue and Mick

Geoff pours

Geoff, Brenda and Sue

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A dude shows us a typsetting frame