Music and Snow, Stuston and Diss, Suffolk and Norfolk - 8th December 1991

It's snowing, so there's no better excuse to grab a pile of fertiliser bags and scoot down the hillside on nearby Stuston Common (or at least one of the bits that hasn't been turned in to a parody of nature by the golf club). Afterwards, there's a bit of a musical moment around Nosher's Stuston pad as next-door neighbour Janet and boyfriend David come round (the latter with flute), as do landlords Geoff and Brenda.

next album: Christmas in Devon and Stuston - 25th December 1991
previous album: Bonfire Night and Printec at the Stoke Ash White Horse, Suffolk - 5th November 1991

Geoff hauls his fertilizer bag back up the hill

Geoff helps Janet up the hill

Janet and Brenda stand at the top

Geoff slides down on his arse

Geoff comes to a halt

David and Janet

Stuston, and the village sign

The bright red K6 phone box and post box stick out of the white snow

Janet roams around

Diss Mere

St. Nicholas Street (left) and Pump hill (right), with Weaver's in the middle

St. Nicholas Street in snow

The ducks of Diss Mere crowd around the remaining un-frozen water

Nosher's pad - The Stables

Brenda sits next to a pile of nibbles

Nosher and David play something on Nosher's new digital piano

David plays a spot of flute

Geoff looks on as David tootles on the flute

Odd photo of the musicians in action

David does some guitar

A failure to wind on makes for an interesting photo of two halves

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Geoff hauls his fertilizer bag back up the hill