The Annual Cider Making Event, Stuston, Suffolk - 2nd October 1991

It's Geoff and Brenda's annual cider-making thrash, involving Winnie the Little Grey Fergie and a converted rag press, as well as three tons of mixed apples from Wisset

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Apples are unloaded

The chopping of the apples commences

Geoff and Corky lay down the first cheese

The cheese is levelled and the hessian is folded over

Corky pats down a perfect cheese

Geoff spreads out chopped apples into one of the 'cheese' frames

Sue lobs in a bucket of chopped apples

Janet Jowett shows off an apple as she sits in a trolley

Geoff rolls out a barrel

Time for a break

Kipper Chapman inspects the ready-to-press stack of cheeses

Plastic is placed on the top of the cheeses as the press is brought down

Brenda and 'Mad' Sue help to wrap up the cheese stack

Corky prepares a couple of barrels

Geoff spins up Winnie and drives the press

There's a pause as the part-pressed apple stack is allowed to juice

Nosher sits on Winnie

The work is over

A little post-cider lunch

Some of Nosher's photos of a night in Pedro's are passed around

A spot of lunch

Another game of croquet occurs. Geoff 'helps out'

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Apples are unloaded