Bernie and the Building of the Porch, Stuston - April 1991

Bernie "The Bolt" - a friend and builder who lives opposite Nosher's Stuston pad, spends a couple of weeks building a porch on the front of the house. Before that, there's a dance in a sports hall somewhere, and Nosher, Geoff and Brenda (landlords) and Janet and David (next-door neighbours) go for a walk in the woods near Pulham St. Mary. Also in this set are a couple of photos of a folk night at the now-closed (and once legendary) Cat and Mouse pub in Wetheringsett (which closed in the early 90s and is now a house).

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Bernie and Jean have a dance around

Geoff grins widely. David looks slightly worried

Linda and David

The Wicker men

Janet gets a piggy-back

Janet climbs up the roots of an up-ended tree

Brenda and a giggling Janet

In the Cat and Mouse. David looks glum as he's not playing his flute

Folk musicians in the Cat and Mouse, Wetheringsett

A random photo of some 4x4 off-roading

A bit of a knees-up

Down in Farnborough with Sean (right) and Maria's parents

The cute thatched church at Stonham Parva

Across the road, 'Mad' Sue has a bit of a moment whilst mowing the lawn

Sue and a lawnmower

Geoff arrives with a wheelbarrow full of cement

Bernie sizes up the door frame

Bernie lays the first couple of courses

Laying breeze blocks

Geoff positions the window frame

Bernie does a spot of tiling

The mostly-finished porch

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Bernie and Jean have a dance around