Cider Making, Stuston, Suffolk - 14th October 1990

It's time for the great annual tradition of the 1990s - cider making round Geoff and Brenda's. It's followed by what might be a pretend Christmas dinner as former Stuston tennants Mel and Andy are back to visit from Wales, and it's near enough as it's October.

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Geoff roams around the apple yard

Geoff's transit van takes on a couple of tons of apples

Geoff checks the loading

Geoff reverses Winnie the TE-120 'Little Grey Fergie' in to position

Waiting patiently whilst the cheeses are pressed

Winnie drives the press as it squishes apples

More tractor action

Geoff checks progress

Andy cheers for a massive roast dinner

Sue, Andy and Mel

Mel takes a swig of gravy

Linda pokes the chipolatas

Corky gets his belly out

Mad Sue sniffs some knickers as Andy and Mel look on

Brenda prepares to tip a jug of water of David's head

Water in full flow

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Geoff roams around the apple yard