Mother, Mike and Sean Visit, Stuston, Suffolk - 1st November 1989

Mother and Mike come down to visit Nosher in his new Stuston pad. For evening dinner, we visit the Fox and Goose at Fressingfield, after Mike nips over to Great Yarmouth to pick his mother up. Also, around the same time, Sean and Maria come over to visit for a couple of days.

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Mike and Mother in the Fox and Goose

Post-dinner coffee in the Fox and Goose

Mother, Mike and Mike's mother outside the restaurant

Mother and Mike stand outside the front door of The Stables

Another posed door-step shot

Mother, Mike and Mike's Saab 9000

The lounge, dimly lit

Sean grabs hold of a reluctant Maria

Another of Sean and Maria

Sean, Maria and a scary carpet in The Stables

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Mike and Mother in the Fox and Goose