Printec And Stonehenge, Norfolk, Wiltshire and Hampshire - 20th September 1989

A real miscellaneous round-up, containing a complete mystery: there are photos of Stonehenge in this set, which is a place that has definitely been visited (including as a child, in the days when you could still climb all over the stones), however, there's absolutely no memory of this visit, or why it appears seemingly in isolation. More prosaically, there's a few drinks in the Scole Inn, including some around the 22nd August to celebrate Karl Huggins' birthday. Then, Nosher's down south again (possibly via Wiltshire - who knows) and goes for a walk in the New Forest, only to randomly bump in to relatives that haven't been seen for ten years, or possibly not since Neil and Caroline's wedding in 1974.

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Rachel in the reception of BPCC Anglia Web (Printec) on Vinces Road in Diss

Steve-O escapes left of shot as Karl gets a birthday handshake

Adrian Lavall, Kate, ?, ?, Alan Cox, ? in the Scole Inn

Monique and a Printec dude

Wendy Bedford has a laugh

Alan, ? and Kate at the bar

Wendy and Brenda do some paperwork

Wendy Saunders with Kelly and Brenda Pitcher

Adrian Laval looks like he's giving a speech

The bottom of Elm Hill in Norwich

Round the back of the Grammar school in Norwich

Florence the Moog gives the hairy eyeball

Outside the Kings Head in Lymington

The Kings Head pub (right)

Sean points to his can of Sprite for some reason, as Maria looks on

Hamish, Sean and Maria stride through the New Forest

Maria, Sean and Hamish

Nosher and the relatives, in the New Forest

During the trip down South, Nosher's round N&C's and takes a photo of a photo of him as a page boy at their wedding

The sarsens and lintels of Stonehenge

Standing stones


Mystery river

Some dude in a mystery town somewhere

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Rachel in the reception of BPCC Anglia Web (Printec) on Vinces Road in Diss