Chris and Phil Taylor's Party, Hordle, Hampshire - 10th September 1989

There's some sort of joint birthday party around Phil's house, featuring some old chums from college, a bouncy castle with balls and a live band, made up of Phil's brother Chris and a bunch of his mates. Oh, and someone sets the curtains on fire and the police are called out because of the noise.

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Anna and Hamish

Anna and Hamish on the sofa

Hamish and Anna in the Plough Inn, Tiptoe

Graham Seage, and his girlfriend

Hamish adds a few more balls to the bouncy castle

Sean can't escape the extra balls

Phil and Jo Funnel

Phil opens his birthday present

Phil pretends to bonk his toy sheep

Phil toasts his novelty sheep

Hamish and Dave Richardson do some juggling

Hamish and Jo Funnel

Rosemary tends the barbeque

Rosemary looks serious: the fate of the sausages is in the balance

Something lascivious goes on with a banana

Rosemary and Phil

Partially-cooked barbeque sausages are eaten

Jo perches on the edge

Chris (on bass) and his band

Dave Richardson hurls himself about

Dave and Sean lob balls around the garden. Hamish ducks out

Ruth bounces around

In the kitchen, with a massive 80s video camera

Party action in the garden

Phil rolls around

Ruth and Phil

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Anna and Hamish