Back From Uni: Summer Pruning, Bransgore - 20th July 1989

After the end of the fourth (and final) year of polytechnic, Nosher's back at Mother's pad in Bransgore. Angela comes for a visit, and Hamish and Phil pitch in to help with a little summer pruning in Mother and Mike's vineyard - Harrow. It's not that common to get to work on a vineyard in England, so to be poking around amongst the Muller Thurgau and Seyval Blanc vines - often whilst listening to something suitably pastoral like Elgar, on the Sony Walkman - was always pretty cool.

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Sitting around outside Christchurch Priory

College chum Liz is spotted in an office in Bransgore

Hamish opens the boot of his car

Phil kicks back in his Wolseley

Angela takes a photo

Nosher, Hamish and Angela hang around Phil's car

Nosher climbs a tree as Hamish and Angela mess around down below

Hamish whips Angela's top off

Hamish pokes around the vines

Phil's brother - Chris - does some pruning

Phil climbs a tree

Angela sits in her car as Phi slurps from a carton of orange juice

Phil and Nosher - who has two hats for some reason

Angela mills around in amongst the vines

More vine adjustments are made

Phil, Angela and Hamish outside the Three Tuns pub in Bransgore

Outside the Three Tuns with a 1982 Ford

Angela eats a Ginsters pasty

Nosher in a tent

Tent city

Angela and Phil on the beach at Chewton Bunny near Highcliffe

Nosher gets changed on the rocks

Nosher, Angela, Mike and Mother in the Trattoria in New Milton

Angela on the rocks at Barton on Sea, with the Isle of Wight in the background

Racing yachts in the Solent

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Sitting around outside Christchurch Priory