Hamish's House, New Milton - 18th October 1988

A miscellany tracing a trip from Norwich, via London, then on to Farnborough before ending up in New Milton for a bit. Finally, it's back to Plymouth Poly.

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In Norwich market, it's Alan Trower's legendary cheese stall

The clock tower of the Palace of Westminster (a.k.a. Big Ben)

New Milton railway station

Hamish's mother boils a kettle

The Hamish lounge

Hamish's new cat

Geordie roams around in the back garden

Hamish in his kitchen

Hamish stands by his front door

Maria and Sean in their Farnborough house

Sean does a spot of gurning

Sean rides Nosher's bike in his lounge

Andrew, Jackie and Kate down on the beach

The rocks of Wembury Beach

The church of St. Werburgh and The Old Mill, Wembury

Kate and Andrew on the beach

Jackie, Kate and Andrew Crosbie in a pub somewhere

The dude from Texas, Angela, Jackie and Andy in the Students' Union

Texan dude, Angela, Jackie and Andy stick the Vs up

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In Norwich market, it's Alan Trower's legendary cheese stall