Uni: The End of the Second Year, Plymouth Polytechnic - May 10th 1987

Some of these photos from the second year show life on top of Nosher's attic bedroom at 24 Mount Street. It was just possible to climb out of the Velux window and onto the roof itself, being careful not to fall over the balcony 30 feet to the ground below. On the last night of exams a bunch of mates came round and hung out listening to music until the next day. At about 3am, several of us clambered out on to the roof, whilst Dire Straits "Communique" is on in the background. It's one of those beautiful, chilly and slightly-misty mornings as at around 4.30am, the sun rises over Plymouth and there's hardly a sound in the air. It's the end of another era.

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The Barbican Trad Jazz Band in the Barbican Wine Lodge

Another club; another thrash.

Some dudes from BABS pose for a photo at a ball of some sort

That's our Economics lecturer, John Maloney, behind the champagne froth

Nosher, aged 19/20 in a grey, grey, suit

Hanging out by the 'Never Open Especially When It's Busy Bar' (its official SU name)

Yet another photo of people who I recognise, but who I now can't remember the names of.

Ruth Watson in a Plymouth nightclub

Mike Bey and Andy Dobie bop in an eighties style

This girl was a chum of Trotsky's

Wee Jimmy receives a fountain pen as a momento of either a 60th birthday or long service (or both)

A bloke called Paul and Angela Crann in a night club

In the James Street Vaults, pretending to serve the concotion we'd made up for part of our coursework

Bray-feature, Rik and Chris on the steps of the GTB after their interview for a placement-year job in Yateley, Hampshire

Terraced houses on North Hill - taken from the roof above Nosher's room in Mount Street

Up on the moor again

Riki on the rocks

Andy Bray stands on a boulder

Archetypal 80s clobber

Bray-feature in the SU glass 'pyramid'

Some of Bray-feature's mates had come over for the post-exams thrash

Feature's mates, plus Trotsky, Chris and Riki

John Stuart looks towards Plymouth Poly from the roof of Nosher's Mount Street flat

Looking up Mount Street, as the dawn breaks.

The sun's up, and we're on the roof.

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The Barbican Trad Jazz Band in the Barbican Wine Lodge