Uni: Neath Road Summer, St. Jude's, Plymouth - 18th July 1987

After a brief visit down South, Nosher's back in Plymouth to stay for the summer. This even includes signing on - a particularly "interesting" experience, on account of the major lack of money. For the most part, Nosher is decorating Ed's house in part-payment for rent, whereas the "dole" money goes on food. This means a diet of mostly cheese sandwiches for a couple of months, with some apple sauce as a special treat now and again. Food was generally paid for by cheque, and was purchased from the Co-op around the corner, requiring writing a cheque out to "Plymouth and South West Devon Cooperative Society" - quite a bit to cram on to a small piece of paper. During summer, a request came along to paint a 12'x6' mural for the Royal British Legion, for their Union Street premises, on the Octagon roundabout. Nosher mostly painted this during the nights, from about midnight to 6am whilst it was nice and quiet. The finished mural featured four sections representing the four services (navy, army, air and merchant): a Leander-class Type 12 frigate, a Scorpion Tank, a Harrier jump-jet and a Merchant ship, with the RBL lion crest in the middle - all painted with those little pots of sample emulsion paint you could get from Woolworths. It looked quite impressive too when mounted on the wall, although sadly no photos of it exist. The sunrise photos in this set are from one of these painting mornings, at about 4.30am.

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Ed reads the newspaper on the beach

The back alley of Neath Road

Sunrise over the River Plym

Sunrise and a pylon, looking over Embankment Road

Roland looks up

Roland and Ed

Roland, Ed and Barbara

Ed and Barbara

Barbara gives Christmas the kitten a scratch on the head

A random parakeet is spotted somewhere

Barbara intruduces the kitten to the rabbit

Christmas the kitten

Mountbatten Point at The Sound

Assorted bathers near Tinside Lido

Dark red house on the corner of Lockyer Street and the Esplanade

Another sunrise over Embankment Road

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Ed reads the newspaper on the beach