Boley the Great Dane

Boley the Great Dane

Suzie looks at Boley

Sis giggles as Boley scratches an itch

Suzie tries to get Boley on point

Mother, Mike and Boley

Boley picks up a dog toy

Boley stands up, occupying the whole room

Mike has a snooze

Bracken Way kitchen

The lounge at Bracken Way

The dining room

Ed reads the newspaper on the beach

The back alley of Neath Road

Sunrise over the River Plym

Sunrise and a pylon, looking over Embankment Road

A climbing frame in the sunrise

Roland looks up

Roland and Ed

Roland, Ed and Barbara

Ed, Barbara and a TR7

Barbara gives Christmas the kitten a scratch on the head

A random parakeet is spotted somewhere

Barbara intruduces the kitten to the rabbit

Christmas the kitten

Assorted bathers near Tinside Lido

Mountbatten Point at The Sound

Dark red house on the corner of Lockyer Street and the Esplanade

Another sunrise over Embankment Road

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra do a 'last night'