Uni: PPSU May Ball 2: Gus Honeybun, Plymouth, Devon - 4th May 1987

It's the Plymouth Poly Students' Union May Ball in Plymouth's Guildhall, on Royal Parade. In this set (which is from the first half of the ball), legendary local TV celebro-rabbit Gus Honeybun makes an appearance on stage with Ian Dunwoody (Information and Communications officer) and Dave Archer (Social Committee chair), plus Gus's un-named handler. It looks like Gus is auctioning off a lifelong freedom of the students' union pass or something, as the ticket/card on display has the little-used Plymouth Polytechnic Students' Union official crest on it

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A blue marshmallow dress

Fishnet gloves

Andy Grove and his partner

A BABS student with a kilt

Ian Dunwoody clings to the stage

Gus gets handed something to auction off by Dave Archer

Gus Honeybun kicks off the auction

Gus does his thing as Dunwoody points at the crowd

Gus Honeybun gets some upside-down action

Dave Archer looks particularly pleased to have his hand up Gus Honeybun's bum

A bit of a modelling pose

Another BABS student and his girl

Martin and a polka-dot dress

Cheers to a glass of wine

A couple of BABS boys

Formal shot on the stairs

A couple of students

More May Ball shenanigans

A bit of 80s dancing

Little Miss Marshmallow dances around in her blue dress

Martin and another girl

A trio of students girls

The support band drummer

More drumming

The support band do their thing

More posing

There's some great 80s hair going on here

Dance like it's 1987 or something

Maureen and Julie, and the dude who used to hang around the SU office a lot

A girl Nosher used to know but can't remember

A crowd of (some) BABS students

A bit of a snog


Interesting pose

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A blue marshmallow dress