Uni: Plymouth Polytechnic 'Pirate RAG' Parade, Plymouth - 11th February 1987

It's the annual Plymouth Polytechnic RAG Week parade - this year it's a "Pirate" theme (hence the name "Pirate RAG"), and it's raining (which is fairly usual for Plymouth in February). The parade starts up in Mutley and comes down North Hill before heading off down Mayflower Street, up Royal Parade and back.

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A float comes down North Hill

Pirates ahoy on North Hill

The procession comes down North Hill, by the central library

The open-top bus 'Golden Hind' rambles down Mayflower Street

A collection is made outside a closed-down restaurant on Mayflower Street

A couple of pirates on Mayflower Street

A couple of BABS students in net-curtain tutus on Mayflower Street

The view up Mayflower Street toward the Western Trust and Savings building

A 'Smurfs' crowd in a 2CV

Some American-themed sports float

A cloud of smoke surrounds a float outside the Armada Centre

Another 2CV-based entry in the RAG parade

The canoe club run around Plymouth

The canoe club on Derry's Cross roundabout

More pirates on the back of a lorry

A view up Royal Parade from the open-top bus

A pirate with a lot of collecting tins on Royal Parade

Pete's Place pirates near the Guildhall

The RAG procession ambles down Royal Parade

The canoe club cross New Street

Smurfs roam around New Street

A hairy-bearded biker with a load of balloons tied to the bike goes around Drake Circus

A girl with a large Snoopy, on a bus

Students invade the Drakes Circus underpass to get more collecting in

The canoe club walk up North Hill past the Science Block link building on Glanville Place

A bunch of (mostly) BABS students do some dancing

A mixed bag on the back of a transit van

The remains of a Surf Club float

The canoe club disband on North Hill

Aaaar, it's Pirate RAG alright

Lots of balloons and collecting tins near the Maritime Block

Another float parks up by Portland Villas

'Nob with us' say the baseball club

More crazy can-can dancing

The procession parks up by Portland Villas

Post-procession milling around outside the Maritime Block

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A float comes down North Hill