Uni: Plymouth Polytechnic 'Pirate RAG' Revue, Plymouth - 11th February 1987

As part of the annual RAG week festivities, there's a revue night down in the PPSU Students' Union bar

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Sticking on some top-up makeup

Some sort of revue dancing

Rich Arnold auctions something off

The executive group: Nick Aarons, Ian Dunwoody and Alun Evans

Sam Kennedy holds up a 'Rainbow' tee-shirt

A legendary 'Gus Honeybun' tee-shirt

'Buy one, get one free'

A couple of lads auction themselves off

A girl pretends to be a Creme Egg-laying chicken

Guitar action from Simon Billenness, HND Electrical Engineering (thanks to Owen for the ID)

Left-handed guitar stuff

More guitar

Mike Bey (right) and Mike Rose (middle) form part of a human fruit machine

Mark Wilkins comes over to have a go. Mike Bey pulls a face.

A custard boat race

Custard on the head

It's getting a bit custardy

The human fruit machine

Actual fruit in the human fruit machine

A bit of acoustic guitar

More stripping in the RAG Review

Someone else is persuaded to get their kit off

Something's funny

A re-enactment of the Cadbury's Flake advert (choco-porn, in other words)

Quality students games: pin the penis on the aardvark

Ian Dunwoody cracks some eggs

Dunwoody drinks a pint of raw eggs

Ian Dunwood drinks a pint of raw eggs

Dunwoody finishes his pint of eggs

Dunwood gags after his pint of raw eggs

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Sticking on some top-up makeup