Uni: Dunwoody Eats Dog Food, PPSU Rag Review, Plymouth - 11th February 1987

Ian Dunwoody would quite often eat strange things by way of entertainment: pints of beans, raw eggs or custard were regular fayre. But the pinnacle of this was surely this night for the PPSU Rag Revue where he, and a couple of other foolhardy volunteers, proceeded to eat dog food. And not just any dog food. No, this was the finest dog food there was (not) - Happy Shopper generic dog food, which retailed for 19p a can - just a few pence more than a tin of tomatoes. Quality.

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A bit of singing

Some sort of speech

Dunwoody picks up the can

A squeamish member of the audience checks out the veracity of the product

Lining up a spoonfull of tasty dog chow

Scoffing actual budget dog food

Dunwoody's accomplice eats dog food too

Someone tries a tiny bit of dog nosh

Applause from the crowds

A blue-bearded music act

The hairy blue-beard speaks

Trousers down

Rugby club striptease

The rugby-club boys get their socks off

A spot of mooning

Mike 'Gilly' Gildea gets his knob out on stage

The RAG Hit Squad steam in

Another victim of the Hit Squad

A pantomime cow on North Hill, opposite the Plymouth Central Library

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A bit of singing