Uni: Brian's Beard and the RAG Bash, Plymouth Polytechnic - 10th February 1987

Brian, one of PPSU's permanent bar staff, has his beard shaved off for charity, Mark Wilkins auctions off a stuffed bear and then it's off to Fiesta night club on Mayflower Street in Plymouth for the RAG bash, with band "The Blubbery Hellbellies"

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Jugglers at the bottom of the SU stairs

Some sort of short-skirt shenanigans

An auction is in progress

Suspenders and spotty knickers

Mark Wilkins auctions off a fluffy bear

Mark moves on to auctioning a toy monkey

The Courage rep speaks; Roy Gardner - bar manager - mills around on stage

The clippers start to chew their way through Brian's beard

Brian's beard is half off

Brian's on the floor

The hairdresser finishes up. Rich Arnold mills around in the background

The Courage Brewery rep and Brian pose for a photo

Possibly the most 80s photo ever

A classic 1980s synthesizer - the Yamaha DX-7

Guitar action in a smokey Fiesta night club

Funky dancing in Fiesta night spot

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Jugglers at the bottom of the SU stairs