Uni: The RAG Hit Squad, Plymouth - 8th February 1987

For a contribution to the RAG charity, Ian Dunwoody and his gang of masked hoodlums would flour, splurge or soak in mystery goo anyone upon request - even staff on at least one occasion. This set of photos is from a "day in the life" of the hit squad, as they target students in the SU. One of the victims then immediately exacts righteous vengeance on the perpetrator and the whole hit squad ends up in a massive flour fight on top of the PPSU building.

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The end result of a proper egging

Someone gets beans and flour on the head

A flour-and-watering in process

Unspeakable yellow goo is poured on someone's head

The end result of egg and flour (and it's not Yorkshire pudding)

Another trashing on the SU stage

Post goo

Someone else gets a flouring in the pyramid canteen area

Another victim

Fairly wrecked with flour

A 'counter-strike' group assembles outside the SU

The Hit Squad piles up the steps of the SU armed with buckets of goo

A power salute and the two opposing groups meet

It's all kicking off above the SU

A cloud of flour

More flouring action by the PPSU pyramid

Someone's got a bin on their head, just outside the SU entrance

About 20 people are involved in the mass flour fight

Floury hell breaks loose

Fleeing the scene

Balaclava Hit Squad dudes

One of the hit squad gives the v's

The RAG Hit Squad pose for an anonymous photo by the back entrance of the SU bar. Dunwoody is a little more obvious

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The end result of a proper egging