Uni: Back to Plymouth Polytechnic, Devon - 23rd September 1986

It's Freshers' Week at Plymouth Polytechnic, and Nosher helps out briefly down at the Railway Station, where every year one or two students who are supposed to be going to Portsmouth (about 150 miles east of Plymouth) end up. Barbara Hunt, Ed Pearce, Frank Sembi, Andy Wishart and Sam Kennedy are down there too. Before that, Nosher and Hamish meet up at about 4am to get in to the New Forest, in the hope of getting some nice misty sun rise photos. As it turns out, it's overcast and dull. It's also a move for Mother and Mike from Bracken Way in Walkford over to The Willows on Burnt House Lane in Bransgore.

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The conservatory at Bracken Way

The rear of Bracken Way

Tall pine trees in the New Forest

A particularly tall pine tree, with a small tuft of foliage at the top

Hamish's dog - Geordie

The Willows

A view from a train

Ed, Barbara, Sam and the gang, and the big PPSU vinyl banner at Plymouth Railway Station

Frank models his bright yellow jacket in his bedroom

Frank, Ed and Barbara leg it across the top of the SU

Drake's Island and the yacht club

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The conservatory at Bracken Way