Uni: A Trip to Cheddar Gorge, Somerset - 2nd October 1986

It's back to Plymouth for the start of the second year, and new digs on Mount Street - not far from the Polytechnic. For a bit of a trip, Riki gets his car out and hauls Nosher and Chris Beard up the M5 to Cheddar Gorge - home to the Cheddar Caves and Wookey Hole - for a wander around underground

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Wells Cathedral

Cheddar Gorge

An entrance to a cave

Riki takes a photo

Chris and Riki stroll through a tunnel


More interesting rock formations

Chris looks out from a lookout

A view over Somerset

Riki at the top of the lookout

Chris and Riki stick their heads through one of those seaside face things

A wax-work Paul Daniels

Riki and Chris in the hall of mirrors

Chris and a very tall doppleganger

Riki on an old-school 'claw'

A papermill

More papermill equipment

Hand-making paper

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Wells Cathedral