Grape Picking and London, Bransgore, Dorset - 20th September 1986

It's the annual Harrow Vineyard's grape harvest. During the picking, we're over in Bransgore village hall for a bit of lunch. Nosher's then on the bike back down to Plym outh Polytechnic and stops off on the ride between Waterloo Station and Paddington for a bit of touristy sight-seeing

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Florence sits on a collection of cassette tapes

The grape-picking party in Bransgore Village Hall

More food

Post food in-action

A dirty dog

Some dude

In the back of the van

Florence the cat

The footbridge at New Milton railway station

The Houses of Parliament

The clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, commonly known as Big Ben

Tower Bridge

The Tower of London

The statue of Eros in Picadilly Circus

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Another sunset over Plymouth Polytechnic from the Mount Street roof

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Florence sits on a collection of cassette tapes