Uni: Footie on the Beach, Salcombe, Devon - 2nd July 1986

Mike Bey drives Nosher, Dave Lock and a mate over to Salcombe. Whilst over on the other side of the river (thanks to the small ferry skippered by Cap'n Birdseye), a big game of beach football kicks off with a group of local lads.

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The lads stand around in Salcombe

The lads walk past 'Offshore Sea Chest' towards the river wall

Some dude soaks up the sun in a pub beer garden

Mike Bey, Dave Lock and his mate

A pub in Salcombe

The Salcombe Jetty

Cap'n Birdseye takes passengers over the river

Dave's on the ball

On the beach

Mike Bey gets his shoes off

A small boy steals the ball off Dave

Mike Bey does a bit of keepie-uppie

Mike's mate in loud shorts

Mike's mate gives the Vs up

A post-game group photo

Walking back in to Salcombe

Climbing up a whole pile of steps

High in the hills overlooking Salcombe

Fishing boats and yachts in Salcombe Harbour

Salcombe River

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