Uni: A Tutorial Miscellany, Plymouth - 20th May 1986

A few random photos of the lads around Plymouth, in particular Andy Bray in a tutorial in the GTB with Brian Smith, one of the BABS Business Studies lecturers. There are also a few stray photos from the Lord Mayor's parade

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A Plymouth church

Dave Lock on a bench at the end of Royal Parade

A flowery lawn outside the Plymouth Guildhall

Riki sits on a wall

Brian Smith, Andy Bray, Nosher and another BABS student in a GTB study room

The view over central Plymouth as seen from the GTB

A sunset from the window of Nosher's Cromwell Road bedroom

Andy, Riki and Chris Beard head off to (or get back from) an interview in Yately, Hampshire

Drake's Island and Plymouth Sound

More views of Plymouth from the GTB

Andy Bray in the GTB canteen

A massive inflated Wimpy character in the Lord Mayor's parade

A marching band

Massive brass bugles

A Hospital Radio Plymouth float

A Plymouth Argyle float

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A Plymouth church