Uni: Some black-and-whites from the Plymouth years - 1985-1989

These aren't pretending to be art, although there's something about B&W that can make even the most mundane image look interesting. After a while, Nosher had become an sort-of official Student Union photographer, and thus had free access to the darkroom in the Student Newspaper offices (Fly Magazine). These photos are the result of several darkroom sessions, spanning at least three years...

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West Hoe in the Snow

New Street, the Barbican in Plymouth - winter 1985

Barbara Hunt, one of my first housemates at 64 Beaumont Street, Plymouth - late 1985

Newton Ferrers

Hoe park, probably winter 1986/87

For most of the time at Plymouth, I helped produce the student newspaper 'Fly', including printing. This is the inside of the Rotaprint Alpha-90 press - early 1986

Moira, Rik and Dave on 'Trotsky's Mount', Dartmoor - 2nd October 1988

Looe, Cornwall. Some of Bray-feature's mates had come down to visit at the end of the second year

Fishing boat on the river, Looe

On now-defunct Television South West (TSW), Gus Honeybun (see TSW site) the rabbit used to present kids' birthday requests at around 5pm each day. He was something of a student cult-favourite - maybe because of various drug references such as the 'Magic Bunny Hops' where he bounced up and down on a mushroom to a background of LSD-type effects. Gus visited the Student's Union a number of times (and appeared in Rag days), and is seen here near the main bar.

Another one of Nosher's 'digs' - Mount Street, just of North Hill in Plymouth - winter 1986/87

Christos Zarakovitis, one of Dave 'Trotsky''s mates - in the Students' Union bar

The famous 'Trotsky's Mount' photo, October 1988. This tor is somewhere off the main road from Yelverton to Princetown

Riki and Moira follow us up to the top of Sheepstor, near Burrator Resevoir, Dartmoor - 2nd October 1988

Outside the Royal Oak, Meavy, on Dartmoor - 2nd October 1988. From left-to-right: Andrew Moncreiff-Crosbie, Rebecca Drummond-Hall, unknown, Becky, Andy Groves, Moira, Louise, Tina, John Stuart, Kate Solly, Angela Crann, Riki Stewart

Another scene outside the Royal Oak, Meavy from October 1988. In a curious twist of fate, my Mother and Mike (stepdad2) ended up moving to Hoo Meavy just down the road a few years after I left, and my Sister got married in the church next to this very pub at the end of 2003

Riki and his sister, who we would uncharitably call 'Cath the Fish'

One of our assignments on the Business Studies course was to 'invent' a new drink and market it. We had also sorts of weird ingredients, including fish-bait flavouring, and came up with a Satsuma-ey-flavoured concoction we named 'Satique'. Very 80s.

Bray-feature pretends to be some kind of walrus or beached whale

Barbara introduces Christmas the Cat to Friday the Rabbit in the yard at 32 Neath Road, St Judes, Plymouth - early 1987

Back street off Union Street, Plymouth, looking towards the old Academy nightclub - 1989


West Hoe in the Snow