Uni: Student Politics, and Hanging Around The Hoe, Plymouth - 5th April 1986

It's hustings for the 1986 Students' Union committee elections, at the Annual General Meeting, presided over by this year's SU president Rich Arnold. Nosher even has his name down for the social committee, a post which is won (along with a spot on the election committee, too). There's also a spot of hanging around on Plymouth Hoe - something which was not altogether uncommon, as it was a nice spot by the sea.

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Rich Arnold keeps things under control

Another student gets their 60 seconds

More hustings

Mark Wilkins gives his speech

Part of Mal Edgeson's rainbow jumper makes an appearance

The great and the good (including a vicar) gather for some cheque presentation

Martin hands over a cheque as Alison Fleming (in bright pink) looks on

Nosher's Mount Street bedroom, including Grandad's old Remmington typewriter

Beaumont Park

Cherry blossom in Beaumont Park

This looks suspiciously like the crowds gathering for the Radio One roadshow

The view from Nosher's Mount Street bedroom

Down on the Hoe, near the Citadel

Looking towards Plystock

Sunbathing on the Hoe

Milling crowds and an ice cream van

A Mini Metro piles out of East Hoe Road

Dave Lock on Plymouth Hoe

One of hundreds of shots of Smeaton's Tower (the former Eddystone lighthouse)

Andy Bray, looking like he's off to do a bank job

One of several Plymouth Sound cruisers (often used for student booze cruises)

Dave Lock and his beloved yellow Polo

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Rich Arnold keeps things under control