Uni: Easter in Plymouth and New Milton - 10th April 1986

It's the end of term at Plymouth Polytechnic, and there's a yard-of-ale competition down in the Students' Union (PPSU). There's also some wandering around to be had, before Hamish comes to visit for a few days and then gives Nosher a lift back to New Milton for the Easter holidays.

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A view of the Barbican from out on the Sutton Harbour wall

The view up New Street, on the Barbican

Another Robert Lenkiewicz mural

Ally Fleming and her chums dance around in the James Street Vaults

A bit of gurning occurs

Alison Fleming

Grant slurps down a yard of ale

Roy, the bar manager, hands out the prize of a slab of John Smiths bitter

Grant readies the yard of ale

Ian Dunwoody steps up to the yard-of-ale challenge

Sam Kennedy starts his yard

Roy watches as another yard is finished up

Sam Kennedy recieves a prize of some sort

The BABS amateur dramatic players do something on stage

For some reason, the rugby club decide to get their kit off

A rugby club strip-a-thon

Barbara flings stuff around in the lounge at Beaumont Street

Malcolm is about to catch a flying lemonade bottle

Malcolm gets dressed up in pink bog roll

Malcolm the toilet-roll mummy

Mark Wilkins plays a bit of pool in the SU

The Church House Inn, in Holne, Dartmoor

The view up the lane in Holne, Dartmoor

Back at home, Sis teases Florence the cat with something

A misty Dartmoor scene, as Hamish drives us back to New Milton

Misty Dartmoor river valley

The beach near Mudeford

Back in New Milton, an old school friend works in the video shop

Hamish messes around with Geordie the dog

Geordie's hanging on to a bit of old rope

Anna, Phil and Hamish in a pub somewhere in New Milton

Anna, Phil and Hamish

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A view of the Barbican from out on the Sutton Harbour wall