A Trip to Cambridge - 2nd April 1986

Long before Nosher actually worked in Cambridge came this first-ever trip to the city, courtesy of a lift with Anna, Phil's girlfriend, in her Austin 1100. Phil was studying at Trinity College, part of the University of Cambridge, and it was, if nothing else, a huge contrast to the (mostly) concrete campus of Nosher's "alma mater", Plymouth Polytechnic. This trip was during the Easter holidays and included some punting on the Cam, a blow-out feast at "Sweeney Todd's" restaurant (now known as Bella Italia or Newnham Mill by the Mill Pond on Newnham Road) and even an 8mm film night in Phil's digs.

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Trinity Chapel

Anna and Phil roam around in Trinity Chapel

Trinity Chapel

A choir practices in King's Chapel

Another view of King's Chapel

Phil in his room, with a Judge Dredd poster on the wall

Phil's room-mate

Phil's roomie again

Anna has a doze on the sofa

Anna, Phil and a Trinity chum walk up the path at Wendlebury in the Magog Hills

Striding around at Wendlebury

Phil and Anna mess around

Anna and Phil have a snog over a fallen tree trunk

Log walking

Phil's room mate 'shoots' himself in the head with a cine camera

Phil does a spot of studying

A duck on the banks of the Cam

Anna feeds the ducks

Anna has a go at punting

Phil punts in bare feet

Anna looks less than excited as we drift down the Cam

Anna in the back of the punt

Phil gets stuck in a tree

Phil and Anna

Phil points at his specs on Anna's head

Punting on the Backs (near St. John's College)

Looking towards St. John's College

Trinity Great Court

Trinity college grounds

Anna roams the columned cloisters

Sweeney Todd's Restaurant, on Newnham Road

Duncan, Phil and Anna

Duncan, Nosher and Phil

Duncan, Nosher and Anna

Anna raises a glass

Our massive ice-cream feast at Sweeney Todd's

Anna in her pyjamas, and an actual VIC 20!

By the banks of the Cam, in the evening light

Punting in the setting sun

We prepare for a slide show

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Trinity Chapel