A CB Reunion and a Trip to the Beach, Barton on Sea - 30th March 1986

It's the Easter holidays and Nosher is back on the South coast at the house in Lymington. There's a bit of a CB Radio reunion at the Centurion pub between Barton and New Milton, a trip to the beach at Barton and a walk in the New Forest with Phil, Anna and her dog Sally. There's also a bit of ice skating at Southampton Ice Rink with Sean and some of his mates.

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Carol - the Pink Lady - in the Centurion

Nosher (Golden Nugget) and Carol

Carol - Pink Lady

Gary, the Night Owl

Brian (Jet Ranger) and Gary (Night Owl)

Hamish (The Hacker)

Brian has a laff

The other Brian - Blue Flame - sticks a couple of fingers up

The CB radio gang

Barton beach

Jon the Hair climbs down the rocks

Walkers on the path

Jon gives the 'hang on/just a minute' sign

Nice sunset on Barton beach

Barton beach

Crashing waves on the beach

Jon looks out to sea

Nosher spots old school chum, and Arnewood Jazz Orchestra trumpet player, Tim Heywood in Lymington

The river at Lymington

The marina on Lymington river. In the background, a new pub is being built

Baby tortoises trundle around

Pauline's tortoises have sprognated

The tortoises eat lettuce

Tiny tortoises

Not sure what this photo is of, although it looks like legendary computer game Elite

Some sort of home-made digitiser, with an advert for a BBC behind it

New Forest ponies

Anna and Phil in the forest

Sally on a log, and Phil

Anna with a stick and a dog

Phil lobs a stick up in to the air as the dog chases it

Sally (the spaniel) meets another dog in the forest

Sally the spaniel waits for us to catch up

A blurry Sean skates around the rink

Sean does some skating

Unsteady ice skating

Sean and his mate skate around

Sean mugs it on his way round the rink

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Carol - the Pink Lady - in the Centurion