Uni: Plymouth Polytechnic 'Jazz RAG' Abseil and Charity Hitchhike, Plymouth - 17th February 1986

A round-up of some other RAG events, including students abseiling down Plymouth's Theatre Royal, some music from the Barbican Trad Jazz band down in the Students' Union bar and the start of a sponsored hitch-hike

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A politically-incorrect magician does his thing

The comedian/magician sticks a fake moustache on

Mark Wilkins wears a traffic cone and a sheet

Some sort of prize draw occurs

The Barbican Trad Jazz Band does its thing

Stripey action in the SU

John Stuart and Andy Grove

Trad jazz in the SU bar

Malcolm in a hairy sweater

Frank gets bundled on to Nosher's bed

Mark and Frank bundle Barbara on to the sofa at Beaumont Street

Walking down the side of the Theatre Royal

More Theatre Royal abseiling

A RAG Week sign hangs on the tower of the Theatre Royal

An intrepid SU cameraman follows the abseilers down the wall

About to land

An abseiler hangs around near the clock tower

Ready at the start of the sponsored hitch-hike

The sponsored hitch-hikers leg it

Charity hitch-hikers pile out from the Students' Union

Hitch hikers head down Portland Place towards North Hill

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A politically-incorrect magician does his thing