Uni: Plymouth Poly RAG Parade 2: Gus Honeybun and a Night in Manhattan, Plymouth - 15th February 1986

There's a bit more action down on the street for the Students' Union RAG Week of 1986, including an appearance by the legend that is Gus Honeybun - a celebrity TV rabbit, not averse to the odd "magic mushroom". After that, there's a bit of a do down in Manhattan Night Club in Plymouth city centre.

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A band on the back of a truck, outside the Engineering Block

A Rhodes stage piano

A float heads up North Hill, past the central library

Gus Honeybun on the bus

Gus Honeybun with his handler

Another bit of Gus Honeybun action

Gus Honeybun again

Pancho Vanilla on the streets with a load of balloons

A cardboard aeroplane offers flying lessons

A gorilla prowls Royal Parade

Gus Honeybun out on Royal Parade

A Brightside Hall of Residence float

Some fancy dressers hang out by the Co-op

A traffic warden and a traffic policeman get involved

A clown hangs out some 'Jazz Rag' balloons

Some student collectors tout for loose change outside the main post office

Some children score balloons

A motorbike rozzer scoots around

A wolf-man collects on New Street

A very-80s lace glove

A very 80s sweater as well

Crazy 80s dancing in a Plymouth nightclub

Ruth Watson and the Business Studies posse

More dancing

A few students sit this dancing out

A bit of a cuddle

Drinking cider

Sam Kennedy and his girl

Some students

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A band on the back of a truck, outside the Engineering Block