Uni: Plymouth Polytechnic Students' Union 'Jazz' RAG Parade, Plymouth - 15th February 1986

It's time for the annual event that is RAG Week ("Raise and Give"). Various clubs, societies and groups associated with the Polytechnic are out on the streets, trying to extract cash from the public and putting on a bit of a procession. The route goes from Mutley, down North Hill, and then along Royal Parade and coming back through the centre of Plymouth via New George Street. This set of photos provides, if nothing else, some great shots of 1980s cars - when they were still new.

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Milling around somewhere up Mutley way

More assembling somewhere near Mutley

A big flatbed heads down towards Mutley

The parade comes through Mutley; Simon Bento roams around on the central reservation

The procession in Mutley, and a billboard with a giant cigaratte on it

Mutley Plain, and the RAG procession on the other side of the road

Simon Bento and the Wolfman roam around Mutley

Someone in a white fur suit scores a donation

Gus Honeybun scores a cash donation

Mutley Plain

Looking back to Mutley from the top of an open-top bus

The top of North Hill

The procession nears the bottom of North Hill

A clown runs down North Hill

A view of the crossroads of North Hill and Portland Place

A gathering of floats outside the Engineering Block

Float assembly by the Engineering block

One of Nosher's fellow BABS students dressed up in drag

A Blues Brothers band

More canoeing

Drake Circus roundabout

The Canoe society canoes its way down Royal Parade

A clown wanders around near Plymouth's Guildhall

Gus Honeybun, and a handler, on Royal Parade

A couple of BABS students pose with Gus Honeybun

A Pierrot with a TSW goodie bag

An enterprising roller-skated student tries to flag down a passing Ford Escort

More canoe action

A nun with a collecting tin on Royal Parade

A pirate

A mini with a matress on the roof and 'RAG' sprayed on with shaving foam

A couple of BABS students on the roof of a VW Beetle

The RAG convoy drifts down Royal Parade

The Plymouth Night Shelter float

A bunch of cowboys

Someone in a morning suit waves a collecting tin at a passing bus

Karma Down - it's RAG week

A dune buggy masquerades as the Popemobile as it drives around New George Street

Another band on the back of a van

The surf club heads around the top of New George Street

The Maritime hall-of-residence do the Dean Kamen Levi's advert thing

The Jubilee Sailing Trust's float outside Woolworth's

The procession steams down New George Street

A blurry fireman

The ever-present canoe club cross Armada Way

Clowns and stuff, and John Stuart roaming around with the SUTV camera

Lord of the manor

Cornwall Street

Someone dressed up as a cat

A sprog gets a balloon

Crowds on New George Street

More balloons

Some girls dressed up as babies

Post RAG-parade night in Snobs nightclub

Mark Wilkins (right) in a nightclub

Some of Barbara's Psychology chums come round to hang out at Beaumont Street

Nosher's deadly parting

Another of Barbara's psychology chums

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Milling around somewhere up Mutley way