Uni: Plymouth Polytechnic "Jazz" RAG Bands and Balloon Dance, Plymouth - 16th February 1986

Yet another miscellany of RAG week photos, with a few more on the street of Plymouth as well as a naked balloon dance, several bands in the SU and Ian Dunwoody dressed up as a sperm.

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A grey RAG procession

Skateboard fundraising

At the end of the parade, the Business Studies group gather on North Hill

Sam Kennedy sprays some shaving foam as the float parks up by Portland Villas

Another float parks up

Some band does its thing (who knows, they may have been famous)

Drumming action

Ian Dunwoody with a phone book

Some acoustic guitar

Another band

Some dude with an Epiphone guitar

A dude pretends to get an a cardboard-box washing machine

Very bright boxer shorts

A punk-ish band

Ian Dunwoody as a sperm

Dunwoody as a sperm meets an egg

Martin and Dunwoody

Top hat and tails

More music

The drummer gets a head up the bum

The balloon dance kicks off

Balloons cover up just enough

Risque balloon action in the SU

Dunwoody emcees

Very 1980s threads

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A grey RAG procession