Uni: The "Jazz" RAG Toga Revue and the Midland Bank Griffin, Plymouth - 15th February 1986

It's the day after the RAG parade through Plymouth (although there are a few stray photos from the parade itself), and there's a Toga-based night down in the SU. Roy Gardiner, bar manager, is emcee and several of the SU execs are dressed up in bed sheets. There's also a presentation of a cheque from the Plympton Pride brewery (which was probably Halls Oxford and West) to the RAG committee in the James Street Vaults, as well as a few more photos of the kidnapped Midland Bank Griffin - stolen from a Midland Bank somewhere in Plymouth for the duration of RAG week. Finally, there are some photos (taken the previous October) from a trip down to the banks of the River Plym, on the east side of Plymouth, to see the embankment down on Gdynia Way in the evening light (in a set originally entitled 'Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats', after the name of a track from the Genesis album 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway').

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The RAG procession goes round Charles Cross

One of the BABS students in the parade briefly stops to help out a couple with sprog and a broken-down Scimitar

On Royal Parade

The BABS gang on North Hill, opposite the Central Library

Mark Wilkins with a traffic cone on his head

Martin with a balloon

Justin and Roy

Rich Arnold with a traffic cone and Roy on the mic

Roy gets a hug

Martin looks on as Roy reads something out

More togas and balloons

Rich Arnold has a couple of extra 'balls'

Alison Fleming and Roy

Massed toga and balloon singing

More action on the stage

Another revue turn

Roy points the way as some sort of dancing occurs

Martin shakes the hand (paw) of the kidnapped Midland Bank Griffin

Martin, the Griffin and a gorilla

Martin gets some fake boobs in the SU office

Sam Kennedy

In the James Street Vaults, 'The Plympton Pride Brewery' present a cheque for £150

Back at Beaumont Street, Barbara roams around in a US college hoodie (Phi Kappa Psi)

Some dude walks through a walkway in a Plymouth park

Massed rooftops and cement tanks on the railway near Laira depot

The River Plym

Covered or abandoned boats on the banks of the Plym

Dog walkers meet in the park

Late autumn trees

Light through trees, with a Cokin starburst filter

The lodge house at Saltram

Rowers on the River Plym

The rowers pass the Plymstock cement works

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The RAG procession goes round Charles Cross