Uni: PPSU "Jazz RAG" Custard Race and Student Life, Plymouth - 12th February 1986

Another round-up of some random events in Plymouth Poly Students' Union, and the nearby off-campus pub the James Street Vaults

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Mark Wilkins with a cone

More cone action

Martin and Alison do some sort of raffle

It's toga-tastic as Roy, the bar manager, does the MC duty

Some sort of charity hair cut for 'Rag Aid 1986

Students line up for a custard race

Ian Dunwoody (right) drinks a pint of custard

The custard race in full flow, with a table falling off the stage

Some sort of student politics

More hustings

It's someone's birthday in the James Street Vaults

Candles are blown out

Tipping out a whisky-bottle of coins

The Halls Brewery rep, Alison and Martin help out with a coin bottle count

Jill (the landlady), the brewery rep, ? and Martin hang around

Some sort of spontaneous undressing breaks out in the SU

In the SU, the Midland Bank's Griffin mascot is kidnapped

Riki and Dave in their Sutherland Road digs

Barbara and a friend come out of the GTB

Barbara at work

Barbara is caught coming out of her bedroom

Beaumont Street in the snow - Barbara's Triumph Dolomite is by the street light

A couple of gnomes go fundraising, at the bottom of the SU steps

Phil plays tiddly-winks

Intense tiddly-wink action

Phil and Anna

Liz's parents and Phils mother

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Mark Wilkins with a cone