A CB Radio Party, Phil's Birthday and Leaving New Milton, Hampshire - 5th September 1985

It's time to leave New Milton and head off to Polytechnic in Plymouth. Before that happens, there's a party round the house of one of the New Milton CB Radio gang, as well as a few other CB-related send offs, including a beer with the two Brians - "Jet Ranger" and "Blue Flame" in the Rydal pub in New Milton. Then, Phil has a belated birthday lunch at a pub near Marchwood, however Nosher hadn't twigged this and hadn't even got a present or anything. Over the next couple of weeks or so, Nosher meets up with Liz in Bournemouth, goes round to see Jon the Hair at his parents' place on Old Milton Road, and shares a final few beers with the gang round the gaff at Ford Cottage in Barton. Then that's it - it's the end of one era and the start of another

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A photo with red pen on a bit of blank negative

Florence the cat

Florence ('Flea Bag') goes after some string or something

A CB-er with a camera

Clare makes some adjustments

Clare has a laugh about something

Sitting by the piano

More CB dancing

Another photographer

Brian the 'Jet Ranger'




Kevin (KGB) on the right

The two CB-radio Brians in the car park of the Rydal in New Milton

Carol Vass (Pink Lady), on Middle Road in Tiptoe

Anna and Phil

Phil's parents in the pub in Marchwood

Berenice and Bob

Berenice cuts the cake as Chris looks up

Anna in the pub

Phil and Anna play some sort of game

Phil plays the 'making bacon' game

Phil and Anna

Anna with Florence

Jon and Sean in another pub

Jon the Hair

Liz in the Winter Gardens park in Bournemouth

Liz sits on a fence in Bournemouth

A sailor-suited sprog roams around in the park

Florence the Moog

Jon and his family outside their antiques shop in New Milton

Anne and David outside their shop

Sean, Jon and Liz in Ford Cottage

The gang in the lounge of Ford Cottage

Phil's looking a bit freaked out

Jon's lovely little Morris Minor van outside Ford Cottage

Florence the Fleabag again

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A photo with red pen on a bit of blank negative