BPCC Printec Chrimbo Do, Harleston Swan - 15th December 1989

Nosher's first place of real work - Printec (BPCC Magazines in Diss, formerly known as Development Workshop) has a bit of a do at The Swan in Harleston, a few miles up the road

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previous album: Nosher's University Graduation, Plymouth - October 1989

Howard Vyse pours out a bit of bubbly

Adrian Lavall and 'Big Sue' from Yorkshire, who used to work at Soman Wherry Press with Nosher in Norwich

Bazzer Spragge does bunny-ears over Wendy Beford. Nosher has a dickie-bow on

Kelly Pitcher, and Wendy Saunders reading a cracker motto

Karl Huggins and Kelly

Wendy and Jackie giggle as Mike Perkins puts his specs on his knee

Mike and Brian Williams perform some Welsh rugby ritual

Beryl and Graham

Brenda Pitcher, Rachel and Jo

Brian Williams and Ron 'Do-ron' Dixon

Baz gives Wendy a peck on the cheek

Steve 'Steve-o' Nettleton and Linda 'Crispy' Crisp

Nosher dances with sweet Kelly

Queuing up for the carvery

A table full of food

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Howard Vyse pours out a bit of bubbly